SLR/Royer Labs AxeMount Dual Microphone Clip

Made by the Canadian company SLR in collaboration with Royer Labs, the AxeMount model SM-21 is a new microphone clip that holds a Royer R-121 ribbon dynamic mic (or Royer’s R-122 or R-122 V) alongside a Shure SM57 moving coil dynamic. This is an awesome product idea—not only are the two mics locked in polarity, but you use only one stand/boom instead of two.

Made from injected molded polymer plastic, the AxeMount has a threaded brass insert in its base so that its threads will not wear out. The AxeMount lines up the SM57’s diaphragm with the magnets on the left and right sides of the side-addressed, R-121 grille. There is a small arrow on the AxeMount near the Royer badge logo to line up to the “seam” surrounding the 57’s body. This feature makes it a no brainer for fast and dependable setups and is consistent enough that it’ll work well most of the time. You can slide the 57 back and forth or in and out of the clip for different sounds but starting out with the alignment arrow is always a good idea.

The AxeMount SM-21 Dual Microphone Clip is essential for recording guitar cabinet speakers. Usually the Royer R-121 ribbon is aimed at the center of the dust cover, and the SM-57 is offset towards the cone itself. I liked being able to move both microphones together in tandem when dialing in tone with just the right balance somewhere between the high frequencies with attack and edginess (dust cover) and warmth and thickness (cone).

The AxeMount SM-21 Dual Microphone Mount sells for $39.99 and joins the other dual microphone mounts such as the X-Clip and X Mount products.