Yamaha PSR-SX700 and PSR-SX900 Keyboards

Yamaha replaces PSR-S775 and PSR-S975 instruments with the PSR-SX700 and PSR-SX900 keyboards respectively. These are all-in-one workstation keyboard instruments that come with many powerful features from Yamaha’s Genos keyboard. The PSR-SX700 and PSR-SX900 offer realistic and expressive Super Articulation Voices, with greater real-time control over a performance.

I like the brilliant 7-inch touch screen that incorporates the same intuitive graphic user interface as Genos, allowing users to easily navigate Voice and Style assignments, as well as assess and adjust other settings. Six new assignable controller buttons have been added beneath the touch screen, each assignable to a desired function and there is a new joystick controller with modulation for many expressive possibilities.

Built-in content from the Yamaha Voice & Style Expansion Library provides instant access to a huge variety of international musical content. Expansion memory size has been greatly increased in both keyboards—to 400MB in the PSR-SX700, 1GB in the PSR-SX900. It is easy to add a choice of content from YamahaMusicSoft.com.

The Yamaha PSR-SX900 (MSRP $2,799) and PSR-SX700 (MSRP $1,999) started shipping in October 2019.