IK Multimedia iLoud MTM Reference Monitors

The IK Multimedia iLoud® MTM monitors are the “big brother” in IK’s Micro Monitor speaker line. The MTM monitors are much more powerful, with 100-watts of Class-D power and a 40Hz to 24kHz frequency range. They are also capable of 103dB SPL maximum sound pressure. IK claims coherent phase response within +/- 15 degrees from 200Hz to 24kHz. Phase integrity is vital for reproducing realistic stereo sound imaging.

I set them up vertically on my desktop on either side of my 29-inch DAW computer monitor. The adjustable tilt mechanism aims the cabinet’s center-mounted 1-inch tweeter and the two 3.5-inch woofers upward at me sitting in the listening position. There is also a base for horizontal setups included. The top woofer aimed a little over my head—good when an artist or producer stands and listens behind me.

The iLoud MTM monitors have a built-in, self-calibration system derived from IK’s ARC™ System that configures the monitors to work best given your room’s acoustic space.

The MTMs use DSP to convert incoming analog audio into digital for processing the crossovers, filtering, time alignment, equalization, dynamics control and auto-calibration. With the ARC microphone plugged in, pushing the CAL/Preset begins a 20 second calibration procedure.

I was immediately impressed with the sound of the MTMs! Because they are only about 32 inches from my ears, the sound is very present and “in my face” like a sonic microscope. The increased clarity is what I am looking for in a second pair of monitors to reference my mixes. I was also impressed by the amount of solid-sounding bass these speakers delivered despite their diminutive size.

These monitors track well up and down in volume—I can hear my mixes very clearly at very quiet volumes. Mixing errors show up immediately! The IK Multimedia iLoud MTM Reference Monitors come in two ways—one at a time or in pairs and both include an ARC™ reference MEMs measurement microphone. They are $349.99 each or $699.99 for a pair.