Radio Music License Committee and Global Music Rights Reach Settlement

Radio Music License Committee (RMLC) and Global Music Rights, LLC (GMR) have jointly announced that the conditions for their agreement to settle the long-running RMLC-GMR lawsuits have been satisfied, including a majority of commercial radio stations entering long-term licenses with GMR.  The settlement agreement is now final, and the licenses that radio stations signed will begin on April 1, 2022.

“Global Music Rights stands for songwriters and the value of their music,” said GMR’s founder Irving Azoff.  “I am proud of the GMR team for the hard work on behalf of songwriters in achieving this settlement. It is wonderful that GMR and thousands of radio stations coast to coast are partnered to bring great music to fans for many years.”

RMLC Chairman, Ed Atsinger III said, “This settlement puts an end to more than 5-years of litigation and represents a shared desire by both sides to find a way for radio stations and GMR to work together on a long-term basis without repeatedly resorting to litigation.”

At RMLC’s request, GMR has agreed that any radio station that still wishes to opt into the settlement has the opportunity to do so until March 31, 2022 by contacting GMR at radiolicensing@globalmusicrights.com. As of April 1, 2022, stations without a license from GMR will no longer be permitted to publicly perform songs within the GMR repertory.

About Global Music Rights (GMR):
Global Music Rights is at the forefront of music rights management, leading the field in client services, technology, and rights advocacy. Global Music Rights, the first US PRO in nearly 75 years, was founded in 2013 by industry veteran Irving Azoff and long-term PRO executive Randy Grimmett as an alternative to the traditional performance rights model. Global Music Rights prides itself on being an active and progressive advocate for copyright holders in the current performing rights marketplace. We are committed to protecting the integrity of music rights and promoting the value of intellectual property on behalf of creators.

About Radio Music License Committee (RMLC):
RMLC is a non‐profit trade association that represents the interests of U.S. commercial radio stations in music-licensing matters related to performing right organizations.  For additional information, visit radiomlc.org.