Nugen Audio Sigmod Update

The new SigMod ver 1.2.3 greatly updates the original plug-in for use in VST, VST3, AAX, and AU host DAW systems. SigMod provides the structure and connectivity for using its twelve included single-process modules. The audio signal processing modules are: Mid/Side, Protect, Mono, Switch, Delay, Phase, Trim, DC offset, Tap, Crossover, Insert, and Mute/solo. You may use as many as you want to develop very creative chains.

Various DAW mixers and/or plug-ins already come with many of these processes included—but it is not consistent and they are never available as separate entities. For example, while Phase or Polarity flip is standard in Cubase’s mixer, in Pro Tools it is not. It requires an instance of Avid’s Trim plugin whenever you need polarity flip.

With SigMod instantiated on an audio track, you can build whole chains of any of the twelve modules for processing, from very basic to very elaborate. You can now insert a VST2, VST3 or AU plug-in anywhere in your signal chain using SigMod’s Insert module, even in DAWs that do not support VST2, VST3 or AU. The updated Insert module has both wet/dry and link controls.

I use the Protect module on the headphone mix feed especially when non-engineer singer/musicians use my Pro Tools rig—it keeps the headphone volume protected when a user-settable threshold is exceeded. I am finding new uses all the time with SigMod and when I mention it to Cubase or Logic users, they now can have it too! There are thousands of possible chains! SigMod, now more than ever, is for DIY, sonic tweakers, DJs and sound designers.

SigMod is available for $49 MSRP.