Tech 21 Steve Harris SH1 Signature SansAmp

Iron Maiden founder Steve Harris’ bass rig has not changed much in his over 40-year career until now. His new signature SH1 SansAmp simulates the sound of his custom pre-amp, the Alectron, and his vintage Marshall cabs loaded with EV speakers. It was incorporated into his live sound on the latest Iron Maiden tour and will be used for smaller venues with his British Lion project when bringing the big rig isn’t practical.

The SH1 keeps up with Steve’s fast bass lines and distinctive style and tone, but the SH1 is not just for one single tone or genre. The controls provide an expansive range of a whole spectrum of bass tones great for any music.

There are two channel modes with individual gain and level controls, Blend, 4-band active EQ, and a Bite switch to activate a “Steve” boost for extra clank and clarity. Other features include chromatic tuner plus an XLR Output to go direct to the PA console or studio board. The rugged all-metal housing measures 7.75-inches L x 2.5-inches W x 1.25-inches H and weighs just 12 oz.

The Tech 21 Steve Harris SH1 Signature SansAmp sells for $299 MAP.