Logic and Khalid at Club Magenta in Los Angeles, CA

Pandora listeners in Los Angeles were treated on Nov. 19 to a special event featuring two of the hottest up-and-coming acts Khalid and Logic. 

IMG_1059Earlier in the day, Khalid took over the American Music Award stage for an electric performance alongside Imagine Dragons. The 19-year-old singer was clearly still jittery with excitement as he opened up the T-Mobile sponsored show with a big smile on his face, confidence and smooth dance moves that make him seem like a seasoned musician. The singer performed a total of 11 songs and the crowd loved it. Although it was sometimes hard to understand what the singer was saying in between songs, Khalid's interaction with the crowd was quite fun as he would play around with peoples phones. Known for two of the biggest current hits on the radio "Location" and "Young Dumb & Broke," it made sense for him to end his set with them. Khalid's calming and soulful voice is easily well liked and was an enjoyable hit that night.

DJ rhêtorík

DJ rhêtorík

As Logic took the stage, he had a very simplistic setup. He was only joined on stage with DJ rhêtorík who controlled the music. Although his set up was simple, the music and visuals were not. Throughout the show projections of illustrations, related to the singer, and his music videos would play in the background. Logic's confidence radiated throughout the room and became the biggest highlight of the night. He thoroughly enjoyed bantering along with the crowd. Often picking on specific members of the crowd and teasing everyone with leaving the stage and ending the show. It was quite entertaining to watch. Not only was the bantering good but Logic could impressively rap live. All in all becoming the total package and a must to watch live. Even people who don't like the genre of rap would enjoy Logic. With three studio albums under his belt, Logic doesn't rap about trivial situations, rather he prefers to rap about personal and impactful things. The crowd went rowdy as the singer sang all his hits including "Everybody, "Black Spiderman" and of course the impactful single "1-800-273-8255."