Amy Holland new music critiques

New Music Critiques: Amy Holland


With a significant record of accomplishment already behind her, it’s no surprise Amy Holland has the whole package at work here, including pristine production and excellent players (guitar, sax, drums, organ, piano) who contribute terrific tone and touch and know how to stay out of the singer’s way. Material is mellow and melodic, with a mature/grownup glow, such as the confiding “Walking On A Wire,” dealing with interpersonal relationships and how we either survive or succumb to them. “Bridge of Sighs” is a showcase for the singer’s tonal range, while “Me, My Heart and I,” though trite lyrically, has a piano-bar vibe that’s easy on the ears. Film/TV could be the right target for these recordings.

Contact: [email protected]
Web: amyhollandmusic.com
Seeking: Mgmt, Booking
Style: Pop, Blues, Jazz, Country

Amy Holland - "Walking On A Wire"

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