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Music Album Review: Dario Chiazzolino - "Red Cloud" (8/10)

Since his emergence in the late 2000s, critically acclaimed Italian-born guitar virtuoso Dario Chiazzolino has worked with many legendary jazz figures, including The Yellow- jackets, Billy Cobham and Andy Sheppard. Inspired by an orchestral approach to jazz fusion, his latest offers colorful melodies and harmonies, crisp and impossibly dazzling electric lines and improvisation and explosive interaction with pianist Antonio Farao, drummer Manhu Roche and bassist Dominique Di Piazza. Chiazzolino balances the spirited frenzy of a mostly original set (he includes Miles Davis’ “Solar”) with the warm acoustic ballad “Starry.”

Score: 8 out of 10

Dario Chiazzolino
Red Cloud
Tukool Records
Producer: Tukool Records