Oui' 3 - "Occupy Your Mind" music album review

Music Album Review: Oui' 3 - "Occupy Your Mind"

Comprising musical veterans, guitarist Billy Joe Wiseman, bassist Lou Castro and drummer/percussionist Jim Xavier, the sonically inventive and expansive, rhythmically eclectic Oui' 3 has been jamming together since 2009. Beyond creating a powerful contemporary equivalent to the heyday of jazz fusion, their titular goal is to test this era’s short attention spans via a mix of playful urban jazz funk, hypnotically sensual soul, dreamy atmospheres and blisteringly fast guitar/bass excursions. Legendary saxman John Klemmer joins the trio for the silky, mystical ballad “After Hours.” Fans of all kinds of jazz will definitely pay attention!

Released by: ITI Records
Producer: Oui' 3 and Glen Nashida