Amy Guess

DIY Spotlight: Amy Guess

Amy Guess is a fierce musical powerhouse. With her unrelenting charm and unapologetic attitude, Guess demands attention as soon as you press play. Born in Canada to a family of musicians, expressing herself through music has always been a safe haven and allowed her to have the courage to explore multiple artistic directions. Now calling Las Vegas her home, Amy Guess is likely to be your latest obsession.

With a natural talent for crafting shimmering, lavishly textured songs, her music is bold, brave, and brilliantly personal, balancing alternative-pop with profound human moments.

Her latest single, "Lay Low," is about the multifaceted emotions that come with stepping away from a situation for the sake of taking care of one's own mental health. Guess, through the use of cutting electric guitars, industrial style drums and an emotive edgy rock vocal lead, stresses the importance of "stepping away from the wrong relationships to have more time for the right ones." The track was brought to life with help from producer/co-writer, Scott Chesak (Weezer, Panic at the Disco) and co-producer JT Daly.

Amy Guess is part of a new breed of artist who is determined to push genre boundaries to carve her own unique path into today's musical landscape. To learn more about Guess, visit her website, AmyGuess.com.


Photo Credit: Ashley Osborn