yung mas

New Music Critique: yung mas

Production 8

Yung mas is ahead of the competition in that he has a consistent and generally intriguing sonic vision. A haunted, mournful aura pervades each of the artist’s beats, as on “Lost & Found” which sets a chilly tone of desolation for raps that are slurred, murmured and altogether introverted. And that’s his main handicap right now–—yung mas’ conversational flows do not stand out and seize the spotlight in a forceful way. Instead, he seems content to lean back and let the other players play. In fact, on “DIPP” we can barely hear him. The good news is that there are nice touches––from melodic piano riffs, to tickety-tack percussion, to a sudden change of key in “RACCS”––that make his work stand out.

Contact: [email protected]
Web: soundcloud.com/officialyungmas
Seeking: Everything
Style: Rap