Kevin Connor and Swing 3po

New Music Critique: Kevin Connor and Swing 3po

Production 8

Fans of classic Django Reinhardt records might dig this combo, whose mission seems to be to deliver us from the black hole of heaviness that has overtaken our collective psyche. In other words, guitarist/singer Connor and company, in vibrant songs like “Mt. Baker Bounce,” “The Shape Song” and “Ice Cream Headache,” emit a light, playful, non-threatening, thoroughly likeable vibe that has an affable, kid-friendly sensibility to the lyrics which are full of quirky, clever humor (enhanced by Connor’s nerdy vocal tone). A speedy and accurate fretsman, Connor is supported at every turn by his equally agile compatriots on trumpet, standup bass and trombone. We hear a natural fit for children’s theatre.

Contact: [email protected]
Web: kevinconnor.net
Seeking: Label, Film/TV, Booking
Style: Swing, Gypsy Jazz