Prosthetic Records Adds LOVIATAR to its Roster

LOVIATAR (pronounced low-vye-ah-tar), are the latest addition to Prosthetic Records. Hailing from Canada, this four-piece borrows equally from the hazy gloom of My Bloody Valentine and the crushing riffs of Isis. With clearly sung vocals and equal parts somber and soaring, their thunderous elements of doom and post-metal contrast with hypnotic moments of atmospheric introspection to set them apart from others in the genre.

Formed in 2010, LOVIATAR have independently released a series of singles and EPs, and have been tapped to support such acts as Red Fang, Skeletonwitch and Blood Ceremony. In 2014, they shifted production to their newly built Wolf Lake Studios deep in the forested hills outside the nation's capital and began work on their first full length LP. The self-titled LP is set for a worldwide release date on July 28.

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