Nathaniel Land - new music critique review

New Music Critique: Nathaniel Land


With a voice that’s a good match to his material, Nathaniel Land keeps things acoustically honest and altogether human, musing on love and fidelity for his woman with an easygoing tenor that reminds us of Eric Clapton. Lyrics are vivid and compel- ling as, say, on the gentle “Emily,” he pays tribute to his lover and conveys his anticipation when traveling to see her. The similar “My Destination’s You” vividly recounts a plane trip that will cement the relationship. Our favorite, “Lonely Life,” has an electric arrangement and more emotive power as Land conveys how much her love sustains him. The song could have film/TV possibilities. Overall, Land could benefit from the addition of light background vocals.

Contact: [email protected]
Seeking: Publisher
Style of Music: Rock, Folk Rock, Country

Nathaniel Land - "Lonely Life"

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