Molly Adele Brown - new music critique review

New Music Critique: Molly Adele Brown


Collaborating with what sounds like a savvy bunch of Nashville cats, artist Molly Adele Brown's impressive, commercially appealing recordings include the bubble-gum country-pop of “Spook the Horses,” where her youthful optimism fuels a song about living life to the fullest. She delivers a sexy intonation on “Ride,” which has an early-Taylor Swift touch to it and a bold, bass-y powerchord foundation that’s thoroughly modern and radio-friendly. She unleashes her beer-drinking hellcat persona on “CHUG,” a raging party tune that, in a live club, could really lift the suds in the air. Though her lyrics could use an overall upgrade, these varied recordings show that Brown is more than a one-trick pony.

Contact: [email protected]
Seeking: Label, Distribution
Style: Country

Molly Adele Brown - "Spook The Horses"

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