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Some signings take shape through years of hard work and dedication to one’s craft. And even with that, a little luck is usually involved. But what if you’ve been down that road before? Then things may pan out a bit differently. Such is the case for former Chiodos frontman Craig Owens—founder of the new Michigan project badXchannels (pronounced “Bad Channels”). As Owens explains, his recent deal with SharpTone was more of a homie deal.

“I’m close to Sal [Torres, A&R/Product Manager at SharpTone],” says Owens. “He was Chiodos’ tour manager for a minute. We became super close friends. He told me he was leaving Fearless to SharpTone to create something and we always wanted to work together. He just hit me up one day.”

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What makes this project so much different from Owens’ previous work is not just the hip-hop/R&B style of songwriting, but those featured throughout the debut record as well, such as Jon Connor and Kaniva. “I think a lot of [the collaborations] had to do with Michigan,” Owens explains. “We kind of back each other quite a bit, specifically in the hip-hop community. ...It’s cool to be able to go in and work with these people who ultimately shaped your sound, that dark Michigan sound.”

“First of all, it comes down to the songs, always.”

With over a 10-year career in the industry through several record labels, Owens has the kind of experience that can offer a plethora of advice. And yet, he finds it’s relatively simple. “To be honest, it varies for different people. For me, first of all, it comes down to the songs, always. But, it’s different for everyone in what they want in a deal––some people will sacrifice in order to get that much further ahead. For me this time around, it was just super natural.

“As long as you’re true to yourself with who you should be surrounded by,” he continues, “and as long as you line up your intentions with the people you surround yourself with; make friends in the industry; grow and play local shows; and keep building like-minded people with you, opportunities like that will just come up.”

badXchannels' WHYDFML (What Have You Done For Me Lately?) is available now.

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