New York-Based KULT Record Label Seeks Music

New York-based KULT Records are considering dance, pop, ballad, or soulful songwriting, and dance, pop, ballads, and urban music for producing.

To submit your song to KULT Records, visit musicclout.com/contents/opportunity-7282-new-york-based-record-label-is-seeking-great-songwriters-producers-and-soulfulpop-vocalists.aspx, upload it to your Music Clout profile then hit "Submit Your Song."

KULT Records has obtained international success through a wide array of dance genres from vocal garage cuts with live instrumentation, groovy bass lines and disco loops to screaming big room anthems with quaking hard-hitting percussion and rumbling, bottom heavy, hypnotic monster songs.

Producers such as Sheamus Haji, Dynamix, Robbie Rivera, Danny Buddah Morales, BPT, Deep Swing, Kevin Yost, Lenny Fontana, Cricco Castelli, 95 North and many others, have seen the start of the musical careers through their earliest releases on KULT Records.