Peterson Strobe Tuners

Close Up: Peterson Strobe Tuners

PTuning Instruments for Over 70 Years: In 1948, Richard Peterson completed development of the earliest Peterson analog tuner, the Model 150 which was marketed after being developed for Mr. Peterson’s own use for tuning organs. His company, originally named Peterson Electro-Musical Products, Inc., went on to develop the world’s first transistor organ, which would be marketed by Gulbransen and help secure that company’s position as a technical leader in the organ field. The first tone generators were created to audibly tune using the tuner as the reference pitch. Branded as “The Sound of Precision,” Peterson offers a wide variety of strobe tuning equipment for various needs today that provide accuracy anywhere from 10 to 30 times that of their competitors. Its tuners are the standard that all other tuners are measured by. 

The StroboStomp HD: Unparalleled 1/10th cent accuracy, once only found in Peterson’s mechanical strobe tuning product line, was developed into highly portable, LCD-emulations that offered equal tuning performance and came to be known as the Virtual Series® in the early 2000s. Set for release later this spring, the StroboStomp HD™ is the latest Virtual Series pedal tuner offering designed for players of all walks and skill levels in mind.  Featuring the largest tuning display Peterson Tuners has ever incorporated into one of its pedal tuners, the StroboStomp HD boasts a high-definition, LCD screen that incorporates a variable color LED backlight. The userselectable colors can be used to personalize the tuner or to increase display viewing quality in different levels of ambient lighting, depending on the usage environment. The vibrant screen colors can also be assigned to stock or user presets to significantly reduce menu navigation time and increase on-stage tuning confidence at the gig.  

First Product with Buffered Output: For tone purists, the StroboStomp HD provides a 100% silent, true-bypass operation mode to keep precious tone safe, as well as, eliminate the often annoying “pop” experienced when engaging such a feature in other products. It uses a unique series of timed relays incorporated within its circuitry to shunt the signal, draining the cause of the popping sound prior to breaking the connection, and effectively shutting the tuner down for direct play through without affecting tone quality. 

The StroboStomp HD also includes a long-time user-requested buffered output operation mode that can be user engaged. The buffered mode can be used in or out of monitor mode. It is designed to boost instrument drive to overcome potential tone loss in signal chains that incorporate multiple low-impedance guitar pedals or those that utilize long cable runs. The buffered output modes preserve sonic quality all through the instrument range and keep prized core tone intact.

Sweetened Tunings Out of the Box: The StroboStomp HD features over 100 exclusive Sweetened Tunings™, as well as numbered guided tuning presets for a large variety of instruments and playing styles. Despite a plethora of features on-board, for basic tuning the StroboStomp HD can be immediately used right out of the box, without hinderance, to tune any type of instrument with razor-sharp tuning accuracy. 

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