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10 Reasons to Start Your Musician Blog

In the world of art, it's pretty hard to compete. One of the most effective ways to express your creativity while providing relevant and useful information for your target audience is the creation and development of a blog.

A blog is an inexpensive way to drive traffic to your website, which gives you the opportunity to attract more potential fans and customers. Here are the 10 benefits of making a blog:

1.   Increase the Number of Your Fans

The growth of the audience is a cherished desire for each musician regardless of whether she\he is at the start or has been working for several years. It's no secret that the more people listening to music, the more purchases and downloads of audio will be. Accordingly, the income of a musician will increase.

A well-designed blog can be the best tool to attract new fans and promote creativity. This is as an open door to conquer a new audience.

2. Get a Boost of Energy Through Communication with Fans

Fans of music want to feel connected to their favorite musician and feel appreciated. Such a relationship creates a strong loyalty of the audience. Interacting with fans is important. With the help of comments from fans, a musician can understand what the public likes and what does not.

The distinctive advantage is that the blog has no limit on the number of characters. And this means that you can create more engaging content and attract the audience as much as possible.

3. Improve Your Writing Skills to Grow Your Blog

Do not ignore self-marketing, and for this, you need to improve your writing skills. In order to capture the attention of readers, it is necessary to write interestingly and without blunders. It is worth noting that writing skills will positively contribute to writing music.

Take care of your communication skills to be able to advertise and present yourself to the public from the right side. These are quite important skills at the start of a career!

4. Readers Should Know Who You Are and What You Do!

Almost everyone is interested in the biography of their favorite musicians. This is true for your fans as well. Through the publication of your biography, you can communicate with your readers.

The more your readers know personal facts, the more accessible you will be to your audience. Such information removes the veil of estrangement, and your audience feels close to you.

Study online biographies of famous musicians and highlight what is most important. After this, proceed to make your own.

5. A Blog Is a Strong Motivation for Creativity

A blog will help you write down all your ideas and focus more on your creativity. After the first pleasant responses of your audience, you will forget about laziness and will strive to please your readers with new publications. Otherwise, you will not be interesting to the public, and they will turn away from your blog.

6. A Blog Provides Traffic to Your Site

Usually, the sites of musicians contain information about the schedule of concerts. As a result, the audience does not need to constantly go to the site. However, the conditions for doing business on the Internet dictate such conditions that site traffic leads to an increase in sales.

But as for blogging, this is the tool that leads to increasing site traffic. Here you can share really interesting information, starting from how you wrote this song, ending with stories about the crisis in the work. Such stories are really interesting to readers, and the constant content publishing will contribute to attendance!

7. Expand Your Email Base with Your Blog

Using a blog, you can encourage your readers to subscribe to your newsletter. Thereby, your base list will be updated. The most loyal readers subscribe to the newsletter, and loyalty plays a truly important role.

In order to attract new readers to the list, you can create calls to action. For example, the campaign for a subscription to get some unique information in return like an excerpt of a new song or personal video behind the scenes of the concert.

8. You May Develop Your Own Style Through the Blog

Creating the content on your site, do not forget that you need to follow your individual style. Try to be yourself, just as you are creating your music. If someone else will write content, the audience will feel the difference between your music and the publication. And it can turn away your fans.

A blog will be your second creative direction. When you invest in it wholeheartedly, you will notice significant changes in musical creativity. Of course, for the better!

9. The Blog Is the Best Free Tool to Make Yourself Popular

Placing interesting content in your blog, you attract the attention of not only the new audience but also the media. Many journalists and magazines may be interested in you and invite you to an interview or a TV program.

So this is really not a bad way to attract attention. Moreover, you do not need any financial costs, but only interesting content.

10. This Is One More Way to Inspire Other People

Some of your readers might find inspiration in your writing that could change their lives for the better. Blogging gives a pleasant sense of awareness that you inspired people and made some good changes in their lives. This inspiration transforms well also into your own life. Blogging forces you to be disciplined and have healthy habits. Those who blog, have the power to inspire millions and help with good deeds. With the help of the blog, you have the opportunity to do something good for others!

As you can see, a blog is a good investment for the future! In the long run, this has a positive effect on both your image and sales. This is a full-fledged marketing opportunity that will make your work truly noticeable and profitable. Moreover, this is an additional stream of creativity that will become your driving force!

FRANK HAMILTON is a translator at translation service TheWordPoint. He also loves traveling and speaks Spanish, French, German and English. In his free time, he works as a SMM specialist at music festivals.


Photo credit: edubirdie.com