Cakewalk Announces Momentum: A Songwriting Platform for Mac, Windows, iOS, Android and More

Cakewalk have announced “Momentum,” a platform for songwriters, producers and musicians. Record song ideas, lyrics, melodies, and more on any Mac, Windows, iOS, or Android device. Your ideas sync to the cloud and back up automatically, so they’re always at your fingertips. The included Mac/Win VST/AU/AAX plug-in works with any DAW, which makes it easy to drag and drop ideas from the cloud when you’re ready to turn your ideas into projects. You can even send songs from your DAW back into Momentum for additional development while away from your computer—like coming up with lyric ideas for melodies or chord progressions.Momentum Capture

Momentum can record up to four tracks, with editing, looping, and effects. It also keeps your ideas organized in the Momentum “Ideaspace,” with tagging and easy retrieval to smooth and speed up the creative process.

“Today, musicians are hustling to keep up with fans, emails, shows, recording, and usually a day job—who has time and energy to fire up a giant studio DAW just to throw down a great new idea?” explains Alex Westner, Cakewalk’s VP Product Strategy & Innovation. “The truth is, we all have decent microphones in our pockets--we can capture our ideas anytime, anywhere on our smartphones. With Momentum, we’re also helping musicians get their ideas out of voice-memo-purgatory and seamlessly into their favorite DAW, where they can turn their ideas into songs.”

Momentum is ideal for songwriters, producers and musicians who find ideas and inspiration on the fly. It has been designed to inspire creativity anywhere.


Momentum is available globally through music and sound retailers (November 2017), and immediately in the Cakewalk Store. Visit momentum.cakewalk.com/ for complete version details and localized pricing/availability options from our distribution partners.


    • The Free version supports a limited number of ideas (projects) encoded in MP3 format, each with a maximum length of 5 minutes.
    • The Basic Plan ($2.99/month) allows for an unlimited number of ideas.
    • The Pro Plan ($9.99/month) extends the maximum length to 60 minutes per idea, uses lossless encoding with FLAC or WAV, and allows recording audio from the DAW into the plug-in.
    • Discounted yearly plans are also available.

Momentum Logo with Screens