Allie Crow Buckley

New Music Critique: Allie Crow Buckley

Production 8

Like some singers, Allie Crow Buckley is gifted with a voice that has a certain something that, despite whatever flaws exist in the total package, allows her to stand out. Her original songs are intriguing, like the brokenhearted “As I Walk Into The Sea” and the dark, brooding “Cuasco,” both delivered with heavy, legato pacing and a profound sadness that proves to be haunting. They are also kinda long and tiresome. “Cherry Stems” is a breakthrough track as it features a section enlivened by a catchy pop energy that dovetails nicely with Buckley’s voice, which possesses alternating qualities of strength and vulnerability. Fans of Lana Del Ray and Fiona Apple will warm to this interesting singer-songwriter.

Contact: [email protected]
Web: alliecrowbuckley.com
Seeking: Label, Booking
Style: Singer-Songwriter