Eventbrite and Bandsintown Announce New Partnership

Eventbrite, the ticketing and event technology platform that powers two million events around the globe each year, and Bandsintown, the concert discovery app, has announced a new partnership centered around product innovation and enhanced technology.

The first phase of the partnership launched Dec. 6, delivering a first-to-market deep integration of Bandsintown Promoter, which makes it seamless for Eventbrite organizers to reach new music fans within the Eventbrite environment. The second phase is a consumer-focused offering that will allow music fans to complete their Eventbrite concert ticket purchase without leaving the Bandsintown environment.

“Concerts and live music experiences have always been an incredibly important part of Eventbrite, and this new partnership with Bandsintown provides our organizers with a super-targeted, direct connection to the most passionate of music fans,” said Julia Hartz, CEO and Co-Founder, Eventbrite. “We’re proud to continue innovating with a best-in-class music partner to create exciting new products that ultimately get more concert-goers to the shows they love.”

“Over 50% of our concert-goers frequently go to see artists they had never heard of before they discovered them on Bandsintown,” said Fabrice Sergent, Managing Partner, Bandsintown. “This makes Bandsintown a fertile discovery ground for Eventbrite’s event creators.”

Eventbrite and Bandsintown partner upThe partnership has two phases:

Phase I marks the first integration of Bandsintown’s ad solution platform, “Bandsintown Promoter,” into a third party platform, allowing seamless promotion of shows to Bandsintown fans from within the Eventbrite platform as part of the event creation flow. This equips music venues, promoters and festival organizers with the ability to reach specific fans of artists (and “affinity artists,” or artists that are similar) performing at their shows, in specified locations, via Bandsintown concert email alerts.

Phase II, launching early next year, is the “distributed commerce” integration, enabling both discovery and end-to-end purchase of Eventbrite shows without fans having to leave Bandsintown (both in the app and on the website). This will be the first time the show ticket will appear within the Bandsintown app as a barcode for simple scan entry.

The partnership is an extension of Eventbrite’s distributed commerce strategy, which launched earlier this year with the ability to buy tickets to events on Facebook. The strategy opens up the Eventbrite marketplace to third party audiences with a seamless purchase experience that removes impediments to conversion, such as voucher redemptions and redirects to other platforms or websites.

Hartz added, “We have always taken, and will continue to take an open approach to joining forces with industry-leading partners to help people discover the events they love, ensure fans never miss their favorite shows, and enable live music organizers to sell more tickets.”

This partnership will provide Bandsintown's base of 30 million registered concert-goers the ability to purchase tickets to Eventbrite live music experiences directly on Bandsintown, without being redirected elsewhere. The focus is on helping consumers discover live experiences, meeting them where they are online and delivering more sales to event organizers. Distributed commerce represents the future of ticketing, where consumers have great end-to-end experiences, from discovery, to purchase and to the at-event experience.

For more information, visit eventbrite.com and/or bandsintown.com.