Guttermouth - "New Car Smell" music album review

Music Album Review: Guttermouth - "New Car Smell" (8/10)

As today’s namby-pamby, grievance-fueled political climate breeds whining masses and teary, self-indulgent “safe spaces,” the timing proves perfect for the reanimation of pure, unapologetically anarchic punk. Re-enter Guttermouth, one of the genre’s genuine articles, whose devotion to dishing offense got them banned from performing in Canada for 18 months. On this no-frills EP, their edge proves cathartic. The flippant, six-song ride ends too soon, but punk’s impact was never meant to last. The message remains––check your expectations, don’t take things too seriously, in life or in music, and you’re bound to improve your level of satisfaction.

Score: 8 out of 10

New Car Smell
Rude Records
Producer: Guttermouth