music gear gifts under a grand

Music Gear Gifts Under a Grand 2016

Looking for music gear to give to your special musician but working with a budget? Here are Music Connection's gifts under $1000 for 2016:

music gear gifts under a grand - Mesa/BoogieMESA/BOOGIE MINI RECTIFIER 25
The MESA/Boogie® Mini Rectifier® 25 is a surprisingly small 12-pound package—suitable for guitarists of all levels—that delivers the performance of MESA’s iconic Dual Rectifier® and takes users on a shocking journey through a new world of EL-84 Tone. Combining their classic 2 Channel / 4 Mode Recto preamp with an exclusive Dyna-Watt power amp and patented, channel assignable Multi-Watt power, it offers the super responsive, fluid and infinitely more clip-able options of 10 or 25 Watts per channel. The Mini Recto delivers the performance of the undisputed hi-gain rock legend and more.
MSRP: $999

music gear gifts under a grand - CASIO

Casio’s CGP-700 Compact Grand Piano delivers an authentic sound and feel, a 6-speaker sound system and boasts a high-resolution Color Touch Interface, a premium icon-based 5.3” touch display. This easy-to-use interface makes exploring the CGP-700 both simple and fun. Featuring hundreds of rich, vibrant Tones and Rhythms, plus powerful recording tools, the CGP-700 is at home onstage, in the studio or as a beautiful addition to any living space.
MSRP: $799.99

music gear gifts under a grand - Roland



Professional musicians or street performers who want to add more flair to their percussion performance should take a gander at the Roland ELCajon EC-10. The EC-10 combines an authentic acoustic cajon with Roland’s electronic percussion technology to allow players to enhance their music with layered electronic sounds. The integrated Roland sound module features 30 kits loaded with sounds developed to complement the EC-10’s natural cajon voice. Included is everything from percussion like tambourine, djembe and shaker to acoustic snare, electronic drums and sound effects. Thanks to the EC-10’s dual sensors, each kit allows users to trigger independent sounds from the head and edge of the playing surface. The integrated amp and coaxial speaker provide high-quality sound for keeping up with acoustic guitar amps and other instruments, and six AA batteries deliver up to 12 hours of power for long jams in any location.
MSRP: $469
U.S. Street Price: $399

music gear gifts under a grand - TASCAMTASCAM VL-S3 AND VL-S3BT
TASCAM’s VL-S3 and VL-S3BT bring great-sounding compact studio monitoring to the price of a set of headphones. The 2-way powered monitors include a 3” woofer, and rear ported design packs a punch. A pair of RCA inputs accepts any line-level input, and a stereo 1/4” to RCA cable is included. Also available is a 1/8” stereo mini jack for playing from smartphones or MP3 players. The 14W per side stereo power amplifier drives the two monitors. The compact, ported cabinets fit almost anywhere. Ideal for home studios, dorm rooms or video editing suites, the VL-S3 is an affordable solution for mixes. The VL-S3BT includes a Bluetooth receiver for wireless playback for anyone to quickly audition mixes from their laptop on enjoy music from smartphones, tablets and other devices.
MSRP: $199.99

music gear gifts under a grand - PluginzPLUGINZ JACK RACK
With such busy schedules, rushing from one place to another, we tend to forget things—including our keys! We always seem to place them in the places they shouldn’t be. Well, fear no longer! The Pluginz “Jack Rack” is a wall mountable guitar amp key rack. They come with four guitar plug keychains and all the mounting hardware you need. Currently available are four Pluginz models, as well as four Marshall Jack Rack models, two Friedman models and one Engl model. The Jack Rack is great for musicians, music fans or anybody looking to hang their keys in an awesome way and never lose them again.
MSRP: $39.99



music gear gifts under a grand - izotopeIZOTOPE NEUTRON
Geared toward simplifying and enhancing the mixing process, Neutron is a new product that arms mixing professionals and enthusiasts with a better way to analyze each track, make smarter decisions and deliver customized mixes with confidence. The plug-in includes a first of its kind virtual assistant engineer in Mix Assistant. New features like Masking Meter and Control allow users to quickly reach an optimal starting point, clearly identify perceptual frequency collisions and fully wield creative control over all mix decisions. In addition to supporting detail and focus on each track, Neutron can detect and adjust the sound based on the instrument being mixed. Neutron easily identifies and fixes frequency collisions on multiple tracks for the ultimate mix.
MSRP: $249

music gear gifts under a grand - Cort GuitarsCORT GUITARS NEWLY MODELED L900P-PD GUITAR
Cort Guitars expands their line of Luce Series acoustic guitars with the new L900P-PD. The Luce Series guitars offer a smaller body shape that is easier to hold and play, while maintaining a balanced sound with a strong low-end and surprisingly loud volume. The L900P-PD guitar features a parlor body with a 12th fret neck joint, a solid red cedar top, paldao back and sides, mahogany neck, rosewood fingerboard and a Vintage Sunburst finish to complete the overall vintage look and vibe of this model. Each guitar is equipped with the Grover tuners, a 45mm bone nut and D’Addario strings.
MSRP: $499.99

music gear gifts under a grand - CADLiveCADLIVE 3000 SERIES
The CADLive 3000 series feature True Diversity operation to minimize multipath interference along with CADLock Automatic Tone Encoded Squelch to eliminate unauthorized transmissions in the signal path. Frequency agile design when partnered with ScanLink technology will precisely scan, select and link to the optimum channel allowing for an easy, flexible frequency plan. The handheld transmitter features metal construction and the D90 Super-cardioid dynamic capsule that provides a powerful, smooth and highly articulate profile. The handheld and body pack transmitters also include SoftTouch multi-function On- Off/Mute switches. Bodypack transmitters are equipped with CADTone circuitry ensuring accurate reproduction of Hi-z guitar and Lo-z mic inputs. CADLive wireless features 10, 30, 50mW transmitter power adjustment and dynamic range up to 110dB. Receivers and transmitters are equipped with a high definition LCD display and full RF, AF, Battery Life, Mic Sensitivity and RF power metering.
MSRP: $699