DIY Spotlight: Aradia

BizAffairs_DIY_AradiaLong before she created her fresh, otherworldly and supremely infectious hybrid “roktronica,” Seattle-based singer/songwriter Aradia was a proud, self-confessed “biggest nerd ever.”

She and her former musical partner Wirth Lawson formed Twelfth Planet, a synthrock band that electrified the Atlanta scene for a few years. That group opened for Muse and played for 100,000 attendees at the Chicago Auto Show.

But her emergence as a “Sci-Fi Fashionista” was ultimately a better fit in Seattle, where she moved after the breakup of the band. Those who attended Aradia’s shows got to see her donning one of those futuristic fantasy outfits she designed, made herself and wore on all of her album artwork.

But no matter what Aradia is wearing, when she hits the stage, she’ll make waves across the universe with a unique sound that blends rock, pop, trip-hop and electronic. Indeed, her sound has been likened to an otherworldly mix of Donna Summer, Trent Reznor, David Bowie and George Harrison.

Her new full-length album Citizen of Earth includes compelling tunes (plus a dance remix of the super-poppy ‘80s throwback “Today”) that are the optimistic opposite of the dark and pensive tunes on her 2012 EP Possibilities: Dark.

Citizen of Earth emerged from essentially the same period of composing, but has a decidedly more fun-filled spirit about it––a reflection of the life she has now brimming with creativity, a strong social support system and great DIY hope.

For more, go to aradiamusic.com.