The Iveys

New Music Critique: The Iveys

Vocals 8

Sibling harmonies are a sublime thing to experience and that’s what bursts forth from the speakers when listening to The Iveys, a family band from Texas. Though the material is average, the band has a knack for arranging and performing that makes each outing a pleasant, uplifting ride. The fairly catchy “You’ve Got Something” achieves a rousing vitality in a matter of seconds and is a fine example of the band’s potential. The mellow, feel-good “Whatever Comes” has sparkling harmonies and lyrics that brim with unbridled optimism and can-do spirit. Sweet and airy, the ballad “Running” (“my heart’s like a fire running wild”) rounds out the band’s appealing, family-friendly sound. Book ‘em!

Contact: [email protected]

Web: theiveysmusic.com

Seeking: Film/TV, Booking

Style: Roots/Americana