Finding September

New Music Critique: Finding September

Vocals 8

This Texas band is fronted by Emily Bayardo, whose vocal tone is appropriately butch, brawny and rebellious. That voice is expertly situated in the mix for a result that is downright radio-ready slick. Tunes are solid, adorned with the vigorous guitar riffs and pummeling drum triggers you’d expect. All of it is coated with an electro frosting that makes these recordings thoroughly modern. What stands out are the dynamic flourishes: the echoing nostalgic piano breakdown in “Let It Burn,” the dramatic juxtapositions in “Darkest Greys,” and the male backup vocals supporting “Inhibi- tions.” With this high level of production, the band has a commercial appeal a la Paramore that no label should overlook.

Contact: [email protected]

Web: findingseptember.net

Seeking: Label, Publishing, Tours

Style: Pop/Punk/Metal