Ryan Chernin

New Music Critique: Ryan Chernin

Vocals 8

In all respects, Ryan Chernin is working at an advanced level, impressing us with his appealing vocals and an ability to write and render one alt-pop song after another with a fresh ear. He never succumbs to a formula. The catchy, feel-good “Look Right” is a light and lively number with terrific finesse in its production, right down to the sudden down-shifted outro. “FaceTime” is propelled by interesting neo-Caribbean tones and a swelling, stratospheric ambience. He addresses a relationship gone awry in
 the stripped-down “Recast” on which his sweet, earnest vocal tone delivers embittered sentiments. The skill and imagination in each of Chernin’s radio-ready tracks make them well worth a listen.

Contact: [email protected]

Web: ryanchernin.com

Seeking: Film/TV, Collaborations

Style: Pop