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New Music Critiques: Stuck With Green


Spearheaded by Florida-based songwriter/composer Matt Thompson, Stuck With Green plays it for laughs with songs tailored for comedic value at every turn. “Mi Fiesta Es Su Fiesta” epitomizes Thompson’s manic, eccentric, over-the-top energy on this Spanish-language shout-along that is more ridiculous than sublime. Listeners might hear a Frank Zappa influence in these songs, as in the symphonic tale of a gender-bender in “Half&Half,” but minus Zappa’s archly cool sarcasm. All in all, Stuck With Green would be much more successful comedically if these tunes had an amusing visual component, like Andy Samberg’s comedy trio the Lonely Island. Otherwise, there’s something missing.

Contact: [email protected]
Web: stuckwithgreen.com
Seeking: Digital Sales, Distribution, Film/TV
Style: Comedy, Satire, Novelty, Instrumental

"She Dumped Me On Facebook"

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