Siren Call new music critiques

New Music Critiques: Siren Call


Specializing in moody hooks with dark undercurrents and searing guitar licks, Siren Call have an okay collection of songs and a singer in Yvonne Lace who, with more vocal grit and a bit of reverb, would make a more forceful impression on record. As it is, crafty songs such as the moody “Rose Ashes,” the lurching mid-tempo rocker “Just A Man” and the driving, no nonsense “Harness” show as many strengths as weaknesses. On the downside, the mix does the band no favors, too often leaving Lace’s voice naked in the wind and the hard-working drummer out in the cold. But shining through is guitarist Jason de Cordoba, whose skills add plenty of classic-rock re via his fills and solos.

Contact: [email protected]
Seeking: Label, Publishing, Booking, Film/TV, Mgmt
Style: Alternative Rock/Grunge

Siren Call - "Harness"

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