Black River Records Signs Scotty Hasting

Black River Records has announced the signing of the label's newest artist, Scotty Hasting. The songwriter, artist, and army veteran is gearing up to make his mark in country music with label debut "How Do You Choose" slated for a Nov. 3 release on Black River.

Pictured (L-R): Black River’s Tanya Schrage; Black River’s Rick Froio; Black River Publishing’s Rebekah Gordon; Black River’s Doug Johnson; Scotty Hasting; Black River's Karen Kane; Attorney Lauren Kilgore; Black River's Gordon Kerr; and Black River's Dawn Delvo.

Despite only picking up a guitar for the first time in 2020, Hasting's passion for music and desire to help others who struggle with their mental health is undeniable. Strapping a guitar pick to his right thumb and with the aid of YouTube, the former Army Infantryman with the 1st Infantry Division 4th Squadron 4th Calvary taught himself to play guitar while having no feeling in his right hand due to severe nerve damage resulting from 10 nearly fatal gunshot wounds from his time spent serving in Afghanistan.

"I don't think that thank you is enough. I've been through a lot. Black River has welcomed me and become family," says Hasting. "Thank you to Black River for giving me a new purpose, for giving people like me — veterans, people with disabilities, people who are at the end of their line — an opportunity and a reason to wake up tomorrow. Thank you for giving me a voice and letting other veterans hear a story like this that can change their whole lives."