Arun Shenoy - "A Stagey Bank Affair" music album review

Music Album Review: Arun Shenoy - "A Stagey Bank Affair" (9/10)

India-born, Singapore-based guitarist, composer and producer (with the Groove Project ensemble) Arun Shenoy heads into high-octane global fusion with a hybrid he dubs “Bansuri Funk.” The exotic, spirited vibe is named for the woodwind instrument played by acclaimed Indian performer Ravichandra Kulur. Adding context to the funky contemporary jazz, soul and wild world music textures is the dynamic old-school carnival artwork connected to the album’s loss of innocence theme. The eclectic, freewheeling music and colorful visuals serve to represent the wonderland within us, balanced by the inherent sadness and chaos we bear daily as adults.

Score: 9 out of 10

Arun Shenoy
A Stagey Bank Affair
Narked Records
Producer: Arun Shenoy