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Music Album Review: Vanna - "All Hell" (5/10)

For their sixth full-length recording, Boston’s Vanna throw down 10 fresh slabs of melodic, post-hardcore sludge. On the plus side, All Hell is chockablock with riffs so malevolent they’ll flush out your digestive tract. On the negative, their scream-o vocals wear thin fast, especially on “Flower”, which attempts to showcase their delicate side. Other tunes, like “Leather Feather”, “Wounded Young” and “Candle Limbs”, reek of pretension. While doing justice to the flag of punk allegiance they wave so proudly, one struggles to envision this entry outperforming their last disc, VOID, which cracked Billboard’s Top 200.

Score: 5 out of 10

All Hell
Pure Noise
Producer: Will Putney