ADAM Audio up close

Up Close: ADAM Audio

Engineering Driven Company: Founded in Berlin in 1999, ADAM Audio (Advanced Dynamic Audio Monitors) has been developing, manufacturing and distributing loudspeakers in the Pro Audio field. Its birth was prompted by the development of X-ART (extended Accelerated Ribbon Technology) tweeter based on the ‘60s invention of the Air Motion Transformer by Oskar Heil. The company evolved with the use of modern materials like rare-earth magnets and high-strength diaphragm foils that made new driver technology possible. The newly developed tweeter design embodied the transparent, highly defined and authentic sound of ADAM’s proprietary designs today. As evidence of the company’s trademark organic manufacturing vibe, the people who created the company’s latest woofer, tweeter and box taught the factory workers how to build it.


Trademark Products: ADAM Audio’s biggest seller is the A7X, a two-way woofer and tweeter near field monitor, a 2015 Top DJ Award winner whose niche and success perfectly parallel the home studio boom. One of the most balanced and versatile speakers on the market, its X- ART tweeter produces detailed, uncompressed highs and upper mids without being tiring over long listening periods. Another bestseller is the S3X-H, a midfield monitor designed for a slightly larger control room. Designed as a three-way speaker, it includes two horizontally arranged 7.5” bass drivers, one 4.5” midrange speaker and the characteristic ADAM X-ART tweeter.

ADAM Audio up closeFilling The Room With Confidence: ADAM Audio is currently on a mission to educate about the importance of subwoofers and how to match subwoofers with the proper monitor. The company is now offering three powerful 2.1 packages with two monitors and one subwoofer. The A3X-SUB7 bundle brings emotion to close field monitoring; it’s small enough for desktop but loud enough to hype a crowd. The A5X-SUB8 bundle combines the ADAM Audio precision in the mids and highs with the Sub8’s low-end extension, bringing the emotion of mid-field SPL. A subwoofer needs to match the transient response, dynamic range and SP of the near fields. Featuring iconic A7X imaging, detail and dynamic range, the A7X/Sub10 bundle is perfectly matched in all respects.

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