UVI Falcon music gear review

Music Gear Review: UVI Falcon Virtual Instrument

UVI Falcon is a hybrid instrument with both a powerful sampler that uses any of UVI’s Soundware libraries plus a system of multiple synthesis engines. Using its 15 oscillators, Falcon creates and combines the sounds of a virtual analog synthesizer, 4-operator FM synthesis, sample slicing and manipulation, wavetable synthesis plus an extensive sample editor. There is also physical modeling with a plucked string oscillator, organ tone wheel oscillators and various noise generators to use when building analog drum sounds.

Within Falcon, all sound sources are combinable in any way imaginable along with an extensive modulation system with over 1,000 presets. There are over 80 high quality audio effects and the audio mixer has 17 available stereo outputs to your DAW’s mixer. Sound designers will appreciate that the modulators are assignable any- where in your process time line.

We tested in both Cubase and Nuendo and found a huge time saver in its ability to “drag and drop” samples directly from the Arrange page into Falcon’s key group editor. Building sounds from a mixture of samples and synthesis is fun—it’s easy to get interesting results quickly.

Falcon has quickly become our go-to instrument for sound creation when beginning a fresh start on a new song. It consolidates many processes in one giant instrument that are easy to access and use. Highly recommended! UVI Falcon sells for $349 MSRP.


BARRY RUDOLPH is a recording engineer/mixer who has worked on over 30 gold and platinum records. He has recorded and/or mixed Lynyrd Skynyrd, Hall & Oates, Pat Benatar, Rod Stewart, the Corrs and more. Barry has his own futuristic music mixing facility and loves teaching audio engineering at Musician’s Institute, Hollywood, CA. He is a lifetime Grammy-voting member of NARAS and a contributing editor for Mix Magazine. barryrudolph.com