DistroKid Launches 'Mixea' AI-Powered Instant Mastering Service

DistroKid, the world’s most popular distributor of independent music, unveiled Mixea today, an intelligent mastering tool that helps artists instantly make their music “radio ready” by optimizing bass, compression, stereo enhancement, eq, limiting & loudness. Mixea analyzes & processes each track, offering multiple EQ & intensity settings that the artist can preview. Mastered files are available in 24-bit, 48k high-res WAV format. The service is free for anyone to try one track, then $99/year to master unlimited tracks.  

This is the latest in a suite of services introduced by DistroKid to help artists work faster & become more prolific. Another tool recently rolled out by the company is DistroVid, which enables members to upload unlimited music videos to streaming services (incl. Apple Music, Tidal, Amazon and VEVO). This builds on DistroKid’s basic offering–unlimited music distribution–plus 20 free tools that help artists have fun, make music & get heard.

“Nothing will ever replace the artistry & expertise of a real, human mastering engineer,” said Philip Kaplan, Founder & CEO of DistroKid. “But for artists who are short on time or resources, Mixea is a powerful tool to help make their music sound great in a hurry.”