music gear review eastwest solo instruments

Music Gear Review: EastWest Solo Instruments

Recorded in Studio 1 at EastWest Studios in Hollywood, CA where the Hollywood Orchestra collection was produced, the EastWest Solo Instruments series “fit” right in with the same consistent sound and ambience. Solo Instruments is a realistic instrument collection that includes EastWest’s Solo Cello, Solo Harp and, coming soon, the Solo Violin collections. Solo Instruments are part of the EastWest’s Composer Cloud.

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Produced by Doug Rogers and Nick Phoenix and engineered by Shawn Murphy, Solo Instruments is the latest addition to the Hollywood series.

Hollywood Solo Cello features a large number of different instrument files, catego
rized into long, short, key switch and legato types. Hollywood Solo Cello can use articulations to generate long sounds, including sustaining instruments with varying levels of vibrato or special playing styles like flautando and tremolo.

There are different types of legato instruments that include multiple sample layers to handle different aspects of legato playing. MIDI Continuous Controllers are used to control loudness, dynamic layers and/or vibrato depths that allow users to shape musical lines the way a live musician does.

Currently a free trial is being offered.


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