Adam and the Gaslights

New Music Critique: Adam & The Gaslights


With a strong singer and above average musicianship, this U.K. quartet are well- positioned to bring an appealing indie-rock sound to the airwaves. First off, singer Adam Blinston exudes the right combination of verve and vulnerability that makes these tunes convincing. On the downside, “Namor” masquerades as an instrumental tune until the lead vocal enters deep into the song, torpedoing any radio-readiness it might have. “The Ocean” gets it right, however, going to its chorus quickly as Blinston mourns “from the bottom of a barren sea.” All in all, this is a promising band that should tone down the bass level, which is a consistent distraction.

Contact: [email protected]
Web: soundcloud.com/user-958897 696-310253141
Seeking: Label, Reviews
Style: Alternative, Indie Rock

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