Lyrics Street Opens in L.A.

0612c5_cf0c7bcd5fa341579224606f6b20bd64.jpg_srz_230_184_85_22_0.50_1.20_0Lyric House Publishing has opened the second branch of its company in Los Angeles. The Denver founded music publishing enterprise currently represents over 80 artist catalogs nationally and internationally. With major placements in TV/Film and ads including Logitech, Showtime, VH1, MTV and more, The Lyric House team, spearheaded by the company’s president Jessica Cole, is intent on making significant inroads in the lucrative West Coast synch market.

Among the company’s most visible placements is a song written and performed by independent recording artist Austin Plaine. His song “Your Love” is featured in a MasterCard commercial.

Information on this innovative new company can be found at http://lyrichouseco.com.