lori bell

Lori Bell & Ron Satterfield - blue(s) (8/10)

Celebrating a 25-year partnership that has run parallel to their multi-faceted solo careers, veteran SoCal jazz greats Lori Bell (flute) and Ron Satterfield (guitar, vocals) apply their virtuosity to an intimate and soulful, rhythmically diverse and improvisation-rich landscape grounded in the blues. Satterfield’s acoustic lines and Al Jarreau-like voicings provide perfect harmony and counterpoint to Bell’s often graceful, always dynamic and joyfully unpredictable excursions. True to the album concept, all nine tracks––including reimaginings of classics by Miles Davis, Thelonious Monk, Bill Evans, McCoy Tyner and Joni Mitchell––have “blue” in the title.

Lori Bell Music
Producer: Lori Bell