Sara Serena

Signing Story: Sara Serena

Nineteen-year-old Spaniard Sara Serena began her sojourn to stardom two years ago when she auditioned online for Aim2Fame, a web-based singing competition. The show was not unlike a combination of American Idol meets Big Brother. When Serena’s audition video made the top sixteen, a spark was ignited. But when she went on to win, that spark erupted into a deal with Nexar Music, the company that created and owns the show.

“It was really crazy, but it was [also] really fun,” Serena says of her experience with Aim2Fame. “When I won, that’s when everything started. We recorded my first single ‘Asylum’ in Stockholm. Then we started work on my album Skyline in Stockholm, London and Los Angeles. It’s been a fun experience and we got a lot of support on the show. We had the best coaches, people like JaQuel Knight and Chris Grant.” Both coaches have

"The winners of shows like American Idol and The X Factor--they don't really go anywhere."

choreographed for Beyoncé in the past.

“I feel really good,” the singer continues. “I don’t think that a lot of artists my age can do what I have. When we stared, I was 17. It’s been a special experience and very cool. I feel lucky.”

Serena’s manager Mike Karlsson conceived Aim2Fame when he perceived shortcomings in many of the other well-known singing competitions. “The winners of shows like American Idol and The X Factor––they don’t really go anywhere," he observes. “They get a lot of exposure while the show airs. But once it ends, very little happens. So we hired the best coaches we could find for Aim2Fame, such as JaQuel Knight, who choreographed Beyoncé’s ‘Single Ladies.’”

Serena’s Skyline dropped in Europe last February and is planned for release sometime soon in the Americas, once a regional distributor has been chosen. Her single “Chasing Dragons” has earned more than two million YouTube views and has enjoyed substantial radio play, particularly in Spain. The singer has played a number of shows, some with audiences upward of a hundred thousand. Further touring plans are currently underway with an aim to kick off in March of next year.

Date Signed: June 2015
Label: Nexar Music
Type of Music: Pop
Management: Mike Karlsson, [email protected]
Booking: TBA
Legal: Christopher A Ott - Ott, Bielitzki & O'Neill PLLC, christopher@ ottlawoffices.com
Publicity: Jodi Jackson - JJ Entertainment, [email protected], 323-356- 0797; Howard Rosen (radio promotion ) - Howard Rosen Promotion, [email protected], 805-382-2200
Web: saraserena.com
A&R: Mike Karlsson