Unsigned Artist: Jennifer Hope


Hope’s voice has a crisp, naturally seductive resonance that dovetails with her moody material, which includes Evanescence’s 2003 hit, “Bring Me to Life.” Rather than replicating the original’s passionate intensity, Hope opts for a smoldering reserve that, while making it less dramatically exciting, renders it no less atmospheric and vampire/goth-friendly—and thereby well-suited to film/TV. Hope guides her original material in a similarly even-tempered vein in “The Fine Line” (between love and hate) and “Seduced” whose use of a higher key results in a song that suggests the sun is breaking through the darkness. We’d love to hear a soaring, keening guitar solo on this one. We would also like to see this singer push harder and challenge her own voice.

Contact: [email protected]
Web: jenniferhope.com/discography
Seeking: Film/TV, Publishing, Label
Style: Alternative, Alt-Rock

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