Unsigned Artist: Meresha


Solo artist Meresha’s sonic vision relies heavily on production and effects, and in its moody, throbbing glory is well-suited to EDM festival situations. This young performer’s voice has a mature resonance and is bathed in gorgeous, alluring echo on “My Love Has Come.” Ultimately, though, the song’s hook/chorus is underwhelming. “New Revolution”
is a dancey, fashion-runway tune that struts confidently through what seems to be a manifesto of some sort; but alas, despite singing with power and urgency, the artist’s message remains murky. The love song “You” is another case in which the production, not the singer, is the star. We feel a less FX’d approach to arranging and producing is what’s best for this developing artist.

Contact: [email protected]
Web: meresha.com
Seeking: Publicity, Licensing
Style: Electro-Pop

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