Unsigned Artist: Top Flite Empire


We like how this Denver duo’s vocal tones exude lots of character, and both are able to muster an engaging flow. “Loop N Joop” is an all-out party anthem that could likely get any crowd to raise their drinks in the air. TFE get raunchy—but no less catchy—on “Fresh Out Of (#FOF),” a neo-novelty tune with an unrelenting in-your-face flow that sticks in your head. What stands out on these two tracks is that this is an act that values a good catchy, upbeat hook. Then, switching gears, however, they get all heavy and thuggy on us with “No Love,” which is laden with too-familiar hip-hop instincts, but does well at creating a haunting, eerie, emotional desolation. In the end, these guys are better at the fun, upbeat stuff. Judging by these well-recorded tunes, TFE could have a bright future.

Contact: [email protected]
Web: tfempire.com/albums
Seeking: Booking, Publicity
Style: Hip-Hop

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