Unsigned Artist: Fairy Bones


Female-fronted band Fairy Bones fuses the raw edges of punk rock with an equal dose of electronic punch, resulting in a sound that’s influenced by classic post-punk era artists such as Lena Lovich, Nina Hagen, Bauhaus and even PJ Harvey. Singer Chelsea leads
 the charge with her powerful pipes, working the limits of her unschooled voice to keep the listener engaged. We only wish the material, including “You and You Again” and “Notes from Wonderland,” were stronger. Instead, they’re heavy, plodding and dissonant, and they deliver a level of darkness and gloom that even a singer with Chelsea’s piercing emotional range (great screamer!) can’t quite rise above. There might be sections, however, that are suitable for film/TV placement.

Contact: [email protected]
Web: fairybones.com
Seeking: Film/TV, Publishing, Radio
Style: Post-Punk Revival

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