Unsigned Artist: HUNTR


L.A.-based quintet HUNTR are led by rappers Gilbere and Raak, and we like how their vocal tones are dramatically distinct from each other. The way too bass-y “Find Myself” and the industrial “Kindness” are more interesting than memorable, and suggest the group is in an experimental stage, just having a go at trying every tone and texture in the sample pack. It is on “Vein,” however, that they come up with something truly compelling and alluring. After succumbing to its haunting gypsy-like violin and stark eerieness, we were all grinning at each other like, “This is GOOD!” The band’s talents approach critical mass on that track and we urge HUNTR to maybe get with a skilled producer who can take them to that lofty plateau time and again.

Contact: [email protected]
Web: hunt-r.com
Seeking: Booking, Film/TV, Distrib.
Style: Alternative/Hip-Hop

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