New Music Critique: Lucid

Vocals 5
Musicianship 6

On these sunny, dreamy, stripped-down tunes (“Front Door,” “While Ago” and “Glad I Met You”), Lucid makes it clear that he needs to put in more hours to raise the level of his work above basic demo quality. His lead vocals, in particular, are eccentric at best, but inept at worst. The high notes— and there are plenty in these songs––are a consistent hurdle for Lucid. He just can’t hit ‘em. Meanwhile, there are occasionally pleasant surprises in these recordings–– such as the unlikely clarinet that comes in unexpectedly on one song. Another upside is Lucid’s rare ability to nail the low notes, so maybe in his future songwriting he could work to emphasize and show off that strength? We urge him to give it a try.

Contact: [email protected]
Web: soundcloud.com/user-249436465
Seeking: Label
Style: Alternative Rock