Unsigned Artist: Captain Squeegee


Frontman/trumpeter Danny Torgerson, with his chest-to-falsetto vocal histrionics, sets the pace for Capt. S with an energy that is irrepressible and unpredictable—and his band mates are up to the challenge, navigating every eccentric dip and turn with agility. “Dually Noted,” “The Factory” and “The Farce...” are components of this progressive rock carnival, which delights in taking jabs at mainstream
 frauds and follies. Inquisitive, accusatory and, above all, wickedly clever, the recordings are as impressive as they are overwhelming, and will take time for mere mortals to absorb. But the band knows how to keep things buoyant and up-energy. So, while we’re doubtful about their film/TV prospects, we expect this Tempe, AZ sextet puts on one helluva live show.

Contact: [email protected]
Web: captainsqueegee.com
Seeking: Film/TV, Publishing, Radio
Style: Progressive Jazz-Rock

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