Unsigned Artist: Shondikes


Mick Modell masterminds this inspired mashup of time-honored time-warp rock stylings, creating a whirlwind of sonic confetti that suggests there’s a party raging next door. “Greasy Sex Disco” channels classic glam-punk (Bowie/Iggy) and adds a horn section for good measure. The catchy, effervescent “Rock ‘n’ Roll, Sex ‘n’ Soul” cribs from Mott the Hoople, right down to the rollicking piano. “Catch Me, Kiss Me” veers into ‘60s psych-pop with its female singers’ “lah-lah-lah-lahs.” These recordings are all messy, sleazy fun but would be a helluva lot better if the vocals were not so consistently swamped by the music. Perhaps a savvy mix engineer can help take these tunes (and Modell’s vocals) to the next level.

Contact: [email protected]
Web: soundcloud.com/mchubka
Seeking: Label
Style: Punk, Alternative Rock, Grunge

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